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Welcome to The Human Future!

The Human Future is a secular but deistic non-profit ethical protagonist organization dedicated to human advancement through mindful moral evolution. This site offers you the opportunity to participate through education, information, or contribution. Welcome!

THF  is a  "non-profit" organization founded in 1985 by Richard L. Van Winkle (then of The Dalles, Oregon). It began offering scholarships to special high school students that same year..."children" are the human future!
We continue to seek out and assist special students, but have broadened our efforts by both direct and indirect approaches, including the offering of seminars, publication of writings, and facilitation of individual contribution (in a variety of ways - usually non-monetary).
Among the materials available on this site are our foundational documents and many of our key precept materials. Thus, you may learn more about us by selecting the "Essays and More" page (use the menu on the left). 

We upgraded our site on 10-19-2010 and so it is new and still under development...please let us know if something doesn't work as expected. Thanks!



"A perfection of means and a confusion of aims seems to be our main problem." (A.E.)

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